How To Treat A Migraine

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Migraines can be very debilitating and extremely painful. For some people they are brought on by stress, and for others they can be a problem that can crop up on a fairly regular basis. Even if you only suffer from a migraine on rare occasions, it is still important to find ways in which to treat it so then you can get back to your life. Here are some ways you can lessen the pain or even remove your migraine completely.

Get Plenty of Rest

Migraines can be brought on by a lack of sleep or rest. This could be because you have been working different hours or you just having been getting to sleep at the time your body has got used to. Your body does have an internal clock and when sleep patterns change this can have a detrimental effect. Try and make sure you get a good night’s sleep when you have a migraine, and make sure that the room is nice and dark so the pain isn’t aggravated by light. Just remember though that the worst thing you can do is sleep in too long, as this defeats the purpose of fixing your body clock.

Food and Drink Treatments

Caffeine rather strangely can both cause and help cure a migraine. If you have had too much caffeine recently then that may have caused your migraine, but having little bit now can help alleviate the pain. Also, if you are taking aspirin to deal with your migraine, taking it with a cup of coffee is a good idea as the tablet is more effective when it’s combined with caffeine. Also make sure that you’re not skipping any meals and that you are eating at least small amount of food regularly throughout the day. Also keep track of what you’re eating, as you may find a pattern between your diet and when the pain of migraines come on.

If you have been suffering from migraines for a while, or know someone who has been, then it may be a good idea to look at little more at what causes them. That way you can understand them a little more and learn which treatments can be most effective. Typically though, just looking after yourself when it comes to your diet and sleeping patterns can be enough to prevent the majority of migraines coming on.


Migraine Attack? Fight back with Imigran

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Imigran (sumatriptan), and its counterpart Imigran Radis, is a type of painkiller used to treat and relieve migraine attacks. They contain the active ingredient sumatriptan, a type of medicine also known as a serotonin (5TH) agonist; it also goes by the name triptan. Sumatriptan is also available as a generic medication on the market.

Active Ingredients

Sumatriptan is known to relieve the pain behind migraine attacks. Migraine attacks are thought to form from the widening of blood vessels in the brain, which causes the characteristic throbbing pain of migraine headaches. Sumatriptan helps relieve the pain by forcing the blood vessels within the brain to narrow, stopping the pain.

The medication works by stimulating the aforementioned serotonin (5HT) receptors found within the brain. As a natural substance, serotonin normally acts in accordance with these receptors, causing the blood vessels there to narrow.

When there’s a lack of serotonin, sumatriptan can act in place of that particular substance by mimicking its intrinsic actions, directly stimulating the serotonin receptors within the brain. As a result, sumatriptan helps relieve the pain brought on by migraine headaches.


This medication is primarily used to prevent migraines. Imigran should be taken immediately after your migraine headache starts; it’s also effective if you take it a while after your migraine attack starts. Imigran Radis tablets are designed to dissolve faster than standard tablets, which might cause them to work faster than the standard tablets.

This medication is only for people who have receive a clear migraine diagnosis from their medical provider. You shouldn’t continue to take this medication if it doesn’t relieve your migraine after your first dose. If your first dose does relieve your migraine, you can take a second dose after a few hours (more than two hours). Don’t take more than 300mg of this medication within 24 hours.

Warnings and Side Effects

This medication might cause drowsiness; do not drive and/or operate machinery if taking this medication to treat your migraines.

If you’re allergic to medicines from the sulphonamide group or have high blood pressure, you shouldn’t take this medication. In addition, men over 40 years old, postmenopausal women and people with a history of seizures shouldn’t take this medication.

These tablets aren’t recommended at all for children or adolescents under age 18; adults over the age of 65 also shouldn’t use this medication. Adolescents between the ages of 12 to 17 years can use Imigran’s nasal spray, though only through the recommendations of a doctor and/or medical professional.


Don’t Let Migraines Get in Your Way

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If you suffer from migraine headaches, you know how they can affect every aspect of your life. It hurts to open your eyes. You can spend hours, or even days, in bed. Adding insult to injury is that many people don’t understand why you can’t just take traditional painkillers and “suck it up”. But you know that traditional medicines don’t work.

An additional problem is that many migraine medicines take some time to become fully effective. This means lost time from work, family, or friends. In short, migraines can make you feel like you’re only living half a life. So how can you get fast migraine relief that really works?

Targets the Cause of Migraines

Imigran is available as an over-the-counter medication. It’s active ingredient is sumatriptan which is proven to treat the root cause of a migraine so you get fast, effective relief that can start to provide relief in as little as 30 minutes.

Understanding How Migraines Start Helps Explain Why it Works

As more is understood about migraines, one of the root causes is seen as the widening of blood vessels in the brain. This widening (or swelling) causes the signature pounding, throbbing pain that classifies a migraine. Sumatriptan treats the root of migraine pain by helping to narrow the blood vessels in the head to help relieve pain.

Many migraine sufferers know their triggers. But even then, it can become hard to avoid the sudden onset of symptoms. For this reason, you’ll appreciate the carrying case that lets you keep this drug handy so you can start to take it at the first sign of a migraine.

Treats Additional Symptoms as Well

In addition to helping relieve the pain caused by a migraine, sumatriptan is also proven to effectively relieve the light sensitivity and nausea that are common with the outbreak of a migraine.

Is This Migraine Treatment Safe For Everyone?

This treatment is likely to be effective for people between 18 and 65 who have a history of migraine headaches. Also, your doctor will probably want to make sure that you have not been able to receive relief from traditional over-the-counter pain relievers. The severity of your attacks will also be considered.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should look for alternative migraine treatments. You should also avoid taking it if you have a heart condition, or you have a family history of heart problems. Consult your doctor for other conditions that may disqualify you from taking Imigran.


Nurofen Express

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Are you in severe and intense pain? Do you want the pain to stop so that you can enjoy life again? Of course you do. After all, no one wants to be in pain. It can be very debilitating; it can interfere with your life, as well as decrease your quality of life. After all, it makes doing some things like working and exercising much more difficult. However, you do not have to tolerate the pain; there is a pain-relief option that is worth exploring. If you are suffering from pain and you want relief then you need to consider taking Nurofen Express. Nurofen Express is a pain-relief medication that offers some excellent benefits. It has express in its name because it alleviates pain much faster than standard ibuprofen tablets. Needless to say, fast pain relief is a great feature that everyone who is in pain can appreciate.

Nurofen Express can reduce pains, such as headaches, fevers, toothaches, backs pains and menstrual pains, as well as many more. Another one of the great benefits of Nurofen Express is that you do not have to have a prescription in order to use it. Therefore, you do not have to go through the time-consuming process of getting a prescription from your doctor. You can get Nurofen Express just like any other over-the-counter medication. That is a great benefit that people can definitely appreciate. After all, when you are in pain, you want the pain to go away as soon as possible. You do not want to have to wait to get your medication. In addition, you can take Nurofen Express just like any other tablet-form medication.

When all is said and done, pain can really affect your quality of life. Nurofen Express is a great option for people who want to alleviate their pain as quickly as possible. You do not have to have a prescription in order to have access to it. As well, it can relieve a wide range of pains. Of course, before pursuing any pain alleviation options, it is best to talk with a doctor or physician to learn more. He or she can advise you on what is best for you in regards to pain alleviation options. One last note: make sure that you follow the directions when taking Nurofen Express. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. After all, Nurofen Express is meant to increase your quality of life.


Alternative Treatment For Headaches

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Headaches can cause a significant level of pain making you to become unproductive. Even though drugs may be helpful, those suffering from the condition can use a wide range of alternative and complementary treatment options.


It is important to note that one of the primary causes of headaches is the chronic stress. This may be the reason as to why there are alternative treatment options that are focused on stress reduction. One of these is the biofeedback. This is a technique that assist the patient learn how to reduce stress. It provides information about skin temperature, muscle tension, brain waves and other signs that are vital. Some metal sensors that are small, referred to as electrodes, are attached to the skin to measure the skin’s muscle tension or the skin’s temperature. Studies have shown a change in the brain’s blood flow during the migraine attack and the pain-free periods. Therefore, a person can use biofeedback to influence a flow of blood to the brain and thus manage the headache better. Studies have noted that it is able to reduce the duration and frequency of headaches in adults and children. Its results can be comparable to other drugs used for the treatment of the condition and it can be an option for the treatment of recurrent migraines.

Certain life events that cause depression, anxiety and stress have been noted to be a case of headaches and chronic migraines. There are studies that have indicated that therapies that are aimed at stress managements can help to reduce headaches. However, the best results are usually when the therapies are combined other antidepressant medications. It may be important to incorporate regular relaxation into the life style of the patient. Relaxation as well as biofeedback training is available from the psychiatry and psychology department of any medical center. Meditation can also be used to help you relax and therefore, remain calm in the mind. You can manage this by being in a restful state and then breathing in and out slowly as you allow your muscles to relax. You can also use massage to reduce the stress, promote relaxation and remove pain.

Acupuncture can be used as a treatment option for the migraines and headaches. This technique involves a very fine and solid needle being inserted in certain body points. This helps to remedy headaches by stimulating the ability of the body to overcome diseases by rectifying energy imbalance. This is based on the belief that headaches and migraines occur when there is an energy imbalance.

There are people who make use of vitamins herbs, minerals and vitamins. There is evidence existing showing that feverfew and butterbur head may prevent or even reduce the severity of migraines. A high riboflavin dose can also help to remedy headaches by collecting the tiny deficiencies that are in the brain. However, it may be important for caution to be exercised when using the alternative and complementary therapies for the treatment of headaches as not all of the methods have been adequately studied. Alternatively, they can be used together with other medications.


Dealing With Medicine Side Effects

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Medicine Side Effects

There are side effects of taking medicines. However, not all the people suffer from them. In fact, most people are able to tolerate the medications. In most of the cases, the benefits of the medicines are important as compared to the side effects. It is possible for the side effects to go away after you have taken the medicines for a period of time. Where the side effects continue to be bothersome, you should contact a health care provider. The doctor will decide whether to change the medication or even lower the dose. You should avoid stopping the use of the medication unless under the advice of the practitioner.

There are some side effects, which may require the immediate attention of a health care expert. These may include having hives, trouble breathing, swelling on the face, tongue lips or throat. These are usually signs of being allergic to the medication. The side effects may depend on the amount of medicine taken, your age, male or female, weight and any other medical problem you may be having. Adults who are older are at a higher risk of experiencing side effects as compared to the younger ones. The side effects may appear after you have started taking the medicine, altered the dose or stopped using them.

There are things that you can do to prepare and even prevent the side effects. Before you can begin taking the drugs, it is important for you to discuss with the health care provider on the possible side effects. The practitioner should inform you on how soon the side effects may start and whether they will disappear after some time. You should be aware of any step that you can take to prevent or even reduce them. For some medicines, you can take them with food or at a certain time of the day to reduce the side effects. The doctor should advise on whether it is necessary for you to take a test to reduce the side effects. There is a need for him or her to inform you on how to manage the mild side effects and when to call for help. Find out whether you can take alcohol while you are on the medication.

There are some tips that you can use to manage some of the common side effects. Where you experience constipation as a result of taking certain drugs, you can remedy this by taking bran or any other whole-grain cereals. You should take fruits and vegetables that have high-fibers such as prunes, beans, apples and broccoli. Take a lot of fluids. Other drugs are likely to cause drowsiness. In order to manage the side effect, you should ask your doctor, whether it is possible to take the medication while going to bed. Avoid driving or even operating heavy machinery when you have the drowsy feeling.  If you experience diarrhea as a result of a certain medicine, you can take food with mild fibers such as rice, yoghourt and applesauce. Avoid food that has high-fat and are spicy.


Aspirin Is Ideal For Relief From Headaches

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One of the most common ways to relieve the pain of headaches and other dull aches is to take over the counter medications from your local pharmacy. Aspirin is one of the leading drugs to help reduce pain and inflammation in the body. There are a number of uses for Aspirin, but at the same time there are things that you should know before taking the over the counter medication. Below is a brief discussion on some of the main ways that Aspirin can help you and when it is a good idea to take something else.

Many people take Aspirin to deal with dull pain, such as headaches and minor athletic injuries. As a pain killer, Aspirin can definitely help dull the pain in both of these cases. People who become ill and have a fever will also find Aspirin to be a very useful tool. However, some of the most well known and recommended uses for Aspirin are people that have inflammatory problems. Acute inflammation of a certain region can be solved by taking Aspirin and many other long term inflammatory problems can be solved using Aspirin as well.

Heart attacks and strokes are two other major life threatening illnesses that can be helped by taking Aspirin. As an over the counter medication, Aspirin has helped to reduce the chance of heart attacks and strokes and help to make a second one occur less often in patients. Research has shown that while it is sometimes negligible, the Aspirin almost always helps to reduce the chances of getting a heart attack or stroke. It is a good thing that German doctors invented Aspirin as it has helped to save the lives of millions of people over the course of the past few decades. It will continue to do so as well.